Photographic Safaris

Photographic Safaris Africa


No matter what your level of photographic prowess, a luxury safari to Africa will provide you with countless chances to take the perfect photograph.

There are many luxury lodges that offer specialist photographic safaris for amateurs and professionals alike. Whether you have a couple of questions about shutter speeds or whether you want to make photography the focus of your holiday, we will plan the perfect experience for you. Simply contact one of our photographic safari experts today for unrivalled advice and to start planning your dream vacation!

Often the best way to get the photograph you are looking for is to lie in wait. Many lodges throughout Africa have magnificent waterholes where animals congregate. These are often viewable from your private deck, or even from your plunge pool! Quite a few have gone the extra step and built hidden hides where you can sit comfortably and wait for the action to happen right in front of you.

Sometimes the best way to get close to an animal is on foot. Many lodges in Africa allow you to get out of the vehicle and walk right up to the wildlife off course with and experienced armed guide.

The best way to get started is to speak to one of our African safari experts for free, no-obligation advice. Who knows, you might be the next wildlife photographer of the year!