Hot-Air Balloon Safari

Hot-Air Balloon Safari Experience Africa


Gently drift across the African Savannah as the animals roam below while enjoying the sun rise up on a Hot Air Balloon.

Take an early morning flight and drift upwards on a hot-air balloon safari over the rolling African savannah. As the sun raises, the bright pink-orange haze visible for miles across the vast, rolling savannah; a group of grazing zebra now becomes distinguishable from their silhouette forms below; thousands of migrating wildebeest forming a meandering dust-cloud trail across the plains. Gently glide quietly above the African savanna before landing in the remote country for a well-deserved champagne breakfast. This is one of the most highly recommended and iconic safari experiences in Africa why not try it today.

Where: Serengeti, Tanzania and Maasai Mara, Kenya.

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