Fly-In Safaris

Fly-In Safaris Africa


Experience the magic of a fly-in safari holiday, exciting, hassle free and time efficient.

A fly-in safari consists of light aircraft flights between locations. Fly-in safaris offer the opportunity to escape, to soar over Africa and watch it unfold at the horizon as you fly from lodge to lodge or camp to camp. Roads in Africa are not always in the best condition, especially after the rains, and road transfers can be long. Instead, enjoy the comfort of a fly-in safari, your belongings safely stowed, and Africa laid out like a blanket beneath you.

Take a fly-in safari package ideally as a more accessible way of reaching remote parks or simply for travelling in style, it is a wonderful way to get around Africa allowing for more time at your chosen destination. Moreover, with world class fly-in safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda offering the ultimate luxury in comfort, a luxury safari can be tailor-made to your specifications.

We are passionate about our fly-in safaris, so we have selected some of our favorite itineraries to inspire you. However, do not forget that you can create your own tailor made adventure with the help of one of our And Africa Travel tour consultants by contacting us today.

Where: Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Uganda and Rwanda.