Helicopter Safaris

Helicopter Safari Experiences


Epic helicopter safaris of a life-time, exploring corners of Africa that few have been to or even ever heard of.

Picture this the roar of the helicopter blades as you sour above the pictures landscape below landing in a remote corner of Africa hardly touched by man – local or foreign taking time to experiences the place before being whisked to a luxury abode camp, game lodge or villa. This is what And Africa's tailor-made helicopter expedition safaris are all about.

A helicopter is a perfect way to access remote areas quickly and easily, without need for landing strips or clearances they are highly private and flexible. Our helicopter safaris are all tailor made, all unique and all completely exciting. Our trips make the most of the various regions, exploring mountains, lakes, deserts and forests, and always follow the most scenic routes, touching down wherever possible.

Lasting on average between 10 and 14 days for long trips or just a few hours for short excursions, they are designed to take in the very best on offer, to overnight, when necessary, in the finest accommodation available and to allow access to the furthest, and hardest to reach corners areas of this most remarkable continent.

We specialize in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar Island and event the Congo, Botswana and Namibia on request. The best way to get started is to speak to one of our African safari experts for free, no-obligation advice.