Philanthropic Conservation Safaris

Conservation and Philanthropic Safari Trips Africa


Make a Difference by Participating in Conservation and philanthropic activities on your African safari.

Africa is in serious danger of losing its very identity as a wildlife destination unless we can curb the illegal trade of ivory and rhino horn and make space for our wildlife to live alongside an ever growing population.

Choosing a Conservation Safari while holidaying in Africa is one of the best ways of ensuring that Africa’s incredible wildlife legacy survives to enthrall future generations. Each year more and more wildlife species become endangered, mainly due to poaching and habitat loss. Conservation and education is expensive, but without it, many species have little chance of long-term survival. Booking a Conservation Safari can make a difference!

You can now give back to genuine conservation efforts, whilst experiencing and gaining insight into the work of on-the-ground research, projects and wildlife protection? Whether you’re interested in a traditional African adventure that weaves in enriching conservation experiences or an exclusive philanthropic safari including experiences like illuminating chats with legendary conservationists, the chance to partake in remarkable projects like rhino translocation, anti-poaching surveillance, meetings with Maasai warriors who are working to protect their lands, and stays in intimate safari lodges with sustainable practices working in partnership with the locals, we will plan a trip for you that inspires you each day.

We all want to live in a world worth exploring, and we believe one of the best ways to help protect our planet is by demonstrating we care by going to and seeing the world’s wild places. Tell us about your passions and we will create a conservation safari for you that put them into action on the ground. Your conservation-focused safari or philanthropic trip to Africa will be one of the most inspiring journeys you have ever taken.