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Kenya Safari Holiday Vacations DestinationsKenya Safari Holiday Vacations Destinations 

 With over 40 national parks and reserves as well as numerous game conservancies, Kenya offers some of the best unique wildlife viewing opportunities in the world.

The best known game park in Kenya is, the Maasai Mara Game Reserve – a seventh wonder of the world and the subject of many wildlife documentaries and movies, with its wide open rolling savannah and majestic big cats. People flock here every year between June and September to witness what is hailed as the ‘greatest show on earth’; the annual wildebeest migration. The Annual Great Wildebeest Migration is the largest mass movement of land mammals on earth, over one million stampeding wildebeest, zebras  and other grazing herbivores journey the 300 miles from the Serengeti in Tanzania to Kenya’s Maasai Mara Game Reserve. A rough pattern occurs each year as the herds follow the rains to secure a good water supply and fertile grass.

But there is far more to Kenya than the Great Migration and the Mara, with just as much on offer for experienced wildlife enthusiasts as first-time safari goers and every visit is a new experience with new found memories. Venture to the giants of Tsavo East and Tsavo West for wonderfully varied landscapes.

Visit beautiful Amboseli National Park, home to great herds of elephants dwarfed by magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro that is best seen from here, or seek out the unique and dramatic wildlife and landscapes of Samburu National Park and Shaba Game Reserve, such as the long-necked gerenuk or reticulated giraffe.

Bird lovers will delight in The Great Rift Valley’s Lakes – Lake Naivasha attracts over 400 species of bird, whilst Lake Nakuru can see flamingo numbers rise to over one million.

For the ultimate private VIP exclusive luxury bespoke safari experience away from the touristic crowds head out to the private conservancies and game ranches in Kenya to Ol Jogi Game Ranch Wildlife Conservancy, Boran Ranch, Ol Lentille Private Wildlife Conservancy, Chyulu Hills, Loisaba Wilderness and Maasai Mara.

There are many ways to discover Kenya. Travel around by minibus, 4x4 custom luxury land cruiser jeeps, by light aircraft or by helicopter; choose a scheduled safari or tailor-make your own; join a group or opt for a private vehicle.

You can stay in national parks or neighboring conservancies; and choose from rustic camping safaris to the ultimate in luxury lodges. For something extra special, opt for a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise, drifting over the vast plains as the first signs of life appear below or even a walking or horse riding safari or even better opt for an exclusive use wildlife conservancy or beach house all for yourself friends and family.

The Great Annual Wildebeest Migration Maasai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya 

 Maasai Mara Game Reserve a Seventh Wonder of The Natural World is a land of breathtaking vistas, abundant wildlife, and endless plains. The Masai Mara is home to an excellent year-round concentration of game and is renowned for its annual visit by the two million animals that make up the Great Migration.

Cheetah Samburu National Park, Kenya


 Samburu National Park is the land of scenic, beautiful, pristine, breathtaking and dramatic rugged landscapes and the special Samburu five animals only found in this region.

In amongst the rugged terrain and volcanic mountains, a lifeline The Ewaso Ng'iro River runs through Samburu National Reserve. The River flows from the Kenyan highlands through palm groves and dense riverine forests before finally emptying into the Lorian Swamp.

Nairobi city view from above by nights, Kenya 

 Nairobi is one of Africa's most dynamic cities; a vibrant, sprawling metropolis and a popular starting point for many safari adventures and business travelers. Explore the colonial sights of the city, shop for gifts and memorabilia at the Maasai Market, conduct a business meeting or a conference, relax around a tranquil hotel pool shielded from the world, visit wildlife conservation programmes and even enjoy big game viewing in Nairobi National Park the only nation park within a city.

Rolling Hills and Plains Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 

 Lying on the edge of the Northern Frontier, the Laikipia Plateau stretches from the slopes of snow-capped Mt Kenya to the rim of the Great Rift Valley. Laikipia boasts one of the largest elephant populations in East Africa and is one of the last strongholds of the endangered black rhino.

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya Rhinos 

 To the north of Mount Kenya, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy stretches for over 45,000 acres. A black rhino, Grevy’s zebra, sitatunga and other wildlife private conservation sanctuary as well as an ongoing working borana cattle ranch.

Topi Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya


 The Ol Pejeta Conservancy a 90,000 acre wildlife conservancy situated between the foot hills of the Aberdares and Mount Kenya within the greater Lewa wildlife conservancy. The conservancy has an extensive variety of animals including the big five as well as a chimpanzee sanctuary and endangered rhino sanctuary.

The Borana Ranch Elephants with Mount Kenya in the horizon, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 

 The Borana Ranch lies at the foot of Mount Kenya, just sixteen miles from the equator and 6,500 feet above sea level. The ranch an expansive cattle ranch and wildlife conservation area is home to fifty indigenous tree families and over 300 species of bird life.

Il Ngwesi Group Ranch Sunset, Laikipia Plateau, Kenya 

 ‘Il Ngwesi’ means “people of wildlife” in Laikipiak Masai and the name couldn’t be more appropriate. It was one of the first community-led conservation initiatives in northern Kenya, set up with a vision to sustainably manage the environment in order to graze livestock and conserve wildlife, which it was hoped would in turn, encourage tourists.


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