The Great Migration

The Great Wildebeest Migration Safari Holiday Experience


Experience the greatest mammal migration on earth and a sight to behold that just needs to be seen.


A luxury safari holiday to East Africa, must surely be on every traveler's bucket list but seeing and experiencing the great wildebeest migration is a sight to behold. The Annual Wildebeest and Zebra Migration is essentially the movement of thousands of animals across the grassy plains of East Africa in search of food and water as the seasons change. There is no start or finish as such but we commonly say the migration goes from the Serengeti Plains in a northwesterly direction towards the famous Masai Mara Game Reserve. The exact timing and route of the migration changes from year to year - depending on the rains.

The annual rains hit the Serengeti in January or February allowing the female wildebeest herd to start giving birth. By March or April, the area has dried out and become desolate again so the massive grouping of animals are forced to move northwards towards Lake Victoria where they begin the mating season. After this, they head towards the Masai Mara in June or July and this is where most people come to witness the sight of thousands of animals galloping across the plains and fording raging Mara Rivers with giant crocodiles in wait!

Where: Maasai Mara, Kenya and Serengeti Tanzania.