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 Mnemba Island is a serenely private tropical island, almost untouched and amazingly, only 20 minutes from Zanzibar by boat. Mnemba Island is described by some as a “therapy for the spirit”. Pristine beaches wrap around the island's small 1km circumference (less than one hour’s walk) while an outer protection zone surrounds the island, conserving magnificent coral reefs where giant turtles, ghost crabs and spectacular tropical fish drift through the lagoons.  At its centre is a tropical forest, home to nothing more dangerous than cute, spaniel-sized suni antelope and butterflies.

Mnemba Island located about 2 km off the northeast coast of Unguja (Zanzibar Island Mainland), the largest island of the Zanzibar Archipelago, Tanzania, opposite Matemwe Beach. It is roughly triangular in shape, about 500 m in diameter and about 1.5 km in circumference.

The Mnemba Island is surrounded by an oval reef seven by four kilometers in extent. These reefs have been declared a Marine Conservation area. Mnemba Island and its reef are sometimes called Mnemba Atoll which is incorrect because an atoll is an island that encircles a lagoon, which is not the case for Mnemba Island.

Mnemba Island is a popular scuba diving site, with a wide variety of corals and associated species, as well as occasional sightings of larger species such as turtles and dolphins. Calm conditions are most frequent in September and October, though visibility is at its optimum in January. The island itself is privately owned and can be visited only as a guest of the Mnemba Island Lodge.

Green Sea Turtles can be seen laying their eggs on the beaches between December and May.

Why visit Mnemba Island, Zanzibar Island Archipelago Beach Destinations.

  • Visit a remote Luxurious Private island getaway.
  • Experience the Mnemba Island's barefoot luxury experience.
  • Take part in the PADI dive school.
  • For the variety of dive sites and easy availability of fully equipped boats used to reach the sites.
  • To see the migratory and resident shore birds feed and roost on the Island.
  • To see and identify some of the approximately 600 species of coral reef fish found on the Indian Ocean waters that surround the Island.
  • Visit an important nesting place for the threatened green turtles that can be seen laying their eggs on the beaches between December and May.
  • To see the Humpback whales (July to September).
  • For a chance to see and swim with the Whale sharks (the world's largest fish).
  • To see and swim with the three species of dolphin found on the waters surrounding the island.
  • Book The best and most Ideal African Island gateway for swimming and snorkeling.
  • For the beautiful beach walks along the Mnemba an Island shore.
  • The best and most Ideal African beach holiday gateway destination for romance and relaxation.
  • The House reef experience that can be reached without a boat.

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