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Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda's most popular National Park and certainly one of its most scenic. Divided into two parts by the equator it stretches from the crater-dotted foothills of the Ruwenzori ranges in the north, along the shores of Lake Edward to the remote Ishasha River in the South, incorporating a wide variety of habitats that range from wetlands to savannah with stands of dense acacia and euphorbia scattered throughout to lowland forest.

The lush savannah of Queen Elizabeth National Park offers prime grazing to buffaloes, elephants, various antelopes and a variety of over 600 bird species that are a magnet for birdwatchers. The park is also home to 95 mammal species; Lion, leopard, hyena and side-striped jackal are present in good numbers and the common antelopes include Uganda kob, bushbuck, topi and waterbuck. Buffalo and elephant are common and both display certain traits more commonly associated with the forest sub-species of the Congolese rainforest, with which there is some interbreeding.

Why Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda.

  • Visit one of Uganda's most popular parks.
  • Visit one of Uganda's most scenic parks.
  • To experience the diverse habitats from wetlands to savanna.
  • For birding with over 600 bird species recorded.

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