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Mahale Mountains Chimpanzee


 Shadowing the dusky blue waters and beaches of Lake Tanganyika the Mahale Mountains are dramatic and imposing. Grey Stroke Mahale is famous for its chimpanzee trekking and is regarded as the finest chimpanzee-viewing location on the planet.

The Mahale Mountains are the best place in Africa to track and observe wild chimpanzees. In the mountain 8,000 ft forested slopes there is a population of around 1,000, one troop of which, the Mimikire clan, have been habituated to humans. Totally wild, this clan of 70 - 100 individuals can be tracked and observed from close quarters.

Climbing up the leafy tracks in the misty morning your guide’s experienced eyes distinguishing last night’s nests – shadowy clumps high in a gallery of trees crowding the sky. Scraps of half eaten fruit and fresh dung become valuable clues, leading you deeper into the forest. Hearing your first shriek of a chimpanzee is a sound you will never forget then suddenly you are in the middle of a chimpanzee day. Crouching low, you can watch them grooming, drinking and playing. It is possibly one of the most intimate wildlife experiences known to man.

As you trek through the forest shafts of sunlight pour through the trees into tiny gullies where pink and yellow butterflies flit and you can see each and every pebble in the crystal clear streams. Bluecheeked bee-eaters flash across the forest, warthogs shuffle in the undergrowth and monkeys can be heard chattering in the treetops. It’s the most rewarding experience untouched nature at its best.

After a morning of chimpanzee-tracking you return to the shores of Lake Tanganyika world's second-deepest lake, at Greystrokes Mahale Camp where sugar white beaches slope into gin-clear waters. Lake Tanganyika with its crystal clear waters has over 500 species of cichlid fish in the lake in every color of the rainbow and snorkeling and floating amongst them is the ultimate relaxation.

Many experts and travelers alike consider the chimpanzee experience at Mahale to be the greatest wildlife experience in Africa that one should take part in.

Why Visit Mahale National Park, Western Tanzania.

  • See and observe the large chimpanzee family troops.
  • Relax on the sandy beaches of Lake Tanganyika.
  • Swim, snorkel, fish and canoe on Lake Tanganyika.
  • Stay and experience one of Africa’s famous game camps.

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