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 Unspoilt and enchanting, Rwanda is a truly unique part of Africa. Lesser-visited than its East Coast neighbors, and is infamous for its habituated mountain gorillas, the hilly terrain making it known as the land of a thousand hills, and the infamous horrific Rwandan Genocide the country is trying to recover from, only adds to its appeal.

Most holidays to Rwanda are arranged in the hope of catching a glimpse of the incredible mountain gorilla. The dramatic landscape of Volcanoes National Park is home to more than 270 habituated mountain gorillas and is one of the best places in the world for gorilla sightings.

Days spent trekking may be long and arduous, but the reward is beyond imagination. No matter how many times you picture coming within feet of a majestic silverback, nothing can prepare you for the feeling of both terror and wonder as its hazel eyes stare straight at you; the hairs standing up on the back of your neck as it permits you to enter its territory.

Gorillas are more like man than any other creature, and it’s perhaps this that makes these creatures so intriguing and this experience so unlike any other.

Rwanda’s host of other wildlife, including chimpanzees, colobus monkeys and birdlife, can be found in the dense rainforests of Nyungwe National Park, rich in flora and fauna and with spellbinding views as well as a thriving city and spectacular mountain scenery.

Amidst the rainforests and green terraced hills, the freshwater Lake Kivu has a secluded inland beach and pretty towns lining its shores. Rwanda is home to interesting cities, too. The Cultural Butare city hosts the former King’s Palace and several museums, whilst a visit to Kigali offers a chilling reminder of Rwanda’s troubled past with historical sites including the Genocide Memorial Site.

Rwanda has plenty to occupy a longer holiday and certainly deserves further exploration other than the normal three or four days holidays which are sometimes add-ons to a safari in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda.

Reasons to visit Rwanda

  • To see and track the great apes the Endangered Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees.
  • Rwanda’s spectacular scenery of tropical rainforests and green terraced hills.
  • Catch a glimpse of Rwanda’s troubled past in the genocide memorial sites.
  • Discover Rwanda’s unique culture.
  • Experiencing the Country’s mandatory Clean-up Day.
  • Discovering the Rare Golden Monkey.
  • Relax at the sandy beaches of Lake Kivu in Gisenyi town.