Chyulu Hills National Park Luxury Exclusive Safari Holiday Destination Featured

Chyulu Hills National Park, Parks & Reserves of Southern Kenya 

 Between Tsavo national Park and Amboseli National Park is Chyullu Hills National Park a mountain range consisting of striking and diverse landscapes. Rolling hills, wild running game and a back drop of Mount Kilimanjaro are images that spring to mind when thinking of the Chyulus.

The Chyulu Hills are one of the youngest ranges in the world that roll across eastern Kenya, overlooking vast grassy plains and topped by rainforest and lush meadows while at the same time boost some of the best views of Mount Kilimanjaro Snow caps. With over 750,000 acres under wildlife management, the Chyulus are one of the lesser known great wilderness areas of Africa.

The scenery is stunning as soft, rounded hills fold into black rivers of solidified lava creating ideal habitats for the impala and eland that can be seen gathering among the rocky outcrops. Eagles soar overhead and giraffe lope down the hillside as the sun dips below the horizon.

If rustic, luxurious accommodation and activities far from the tourist trail is what you are looking for then spending a few days here would be an ideal addition to any safari.

Why Visit Chyulu Hills National Park, Kenya.

  • Visit a Maasai Group Ranch and witness innovative lion conservation spearheaded by the Maasai at Chyullu Hills National Park.
  • Explore the lava tubes of the Kisula Caves Complex at Chyullu Hills National Park.
  • One of the best places to views the Mt. Kilimanjaro snow caps from the Chyullu Hills National Park.
  • Enjoy excellent bird viewing opportunities at Chyullu Hills National Park.
  • See both ancient and new volcanic cinder cones and craters, with the most recent volcanic peak forming just 500 years ago at Chyullu Hills National Park.
  • Ability to combine the Chyullu Hills National Park experience with a beach holiday vacation in Mombasa, Malindi, Diani, Watamu or Lamu Island.

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